Benefits of Botox Injections Schaumburg

September 10, 2013 | Schaumburg Botox | By Rony R | 0 Comments

Botox injections Schaumburg is a popular cosmetic treatment, known for its benefits to make the patient's face a more youthful. The medication has also gained attention for non-cosmetic benefits, including as treatments for uncontrollable eyes spasms, migraines and excessive sweating. Lots of people still confuse with Botox Injection and afraid to apply it and stay with the swollen face. To eliminate this doubt that this article is designed to start and you know Botox Injection works?

Cosmetic Benefits of Botox Injections Schaumburg

Approved by the FDA in 2001 Botox is injected into facial muscles to temporarily reduce the appearance of frown lines between moderate to severe eyebrows known as glabellas lines in adults younger than 65 years old. While the procedure is the most popular among women, about six percent of treatments are performed in men who are recognizing the social benefits and career appear younger.

Benefits for Younger Patients

While the use of Botox is associated with patients older than 35 years, the aesthetic benefits are becoming more popular among younger patients, who believe that early use may slow aging. Dr. Stella a cosmetic surgeon said she has patients who are in 20s. Botox has become popular among younger adults as a possible way to prevent the signs of aging, says Dr. Stella.

Cervical Dystonia

Besides the cosmetic treatments, Botox injections Schaumburg can be beneficial for people with neck pain associated with abnormal cervical dystonia, also known as spasmodic torticollis. People with CD can be forced to turn heads in abnormal positions, in order to avoid pain and may have difficulty performing daily tasks, including driving a car. Patients with CD may find that their pain is reduced and their range movement increased after treatment with Botox Injection.

Severe Primary Auxiliary Hyperhidrosis

Botox is also injected into the underarm skin to treat the symptoms of severe primary auxiliary Hyperhidrosis, a condition associated with severe underarm sweating; when other treatments are ineffective. On more limited similar treatments reduced sweating of palms, forehead, upper lips and legs. Patients have noticed that your excessive sweating has been relieved after a round of Botox therapy.

Other Treatments

Other medical treatments can also be possible by using Botox Injections. Neurologists began using Botox to treat migraine and other cranial discomfort. The research also suggests that Botox treatments can also alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.


Before embarking on any course of Botox treatment or botox injections Schaumburg, talk to your doctor about the side effects. In rare cases, the toxin is directed away from the intended site of injection and can cause muscle fatigue, blurred vision and double vision, loss of voice, loss of bladder control, breathing trouble and swallowing difficulty. Experts do not recommend the use of Botox for people under 30 years, because it can lead to a loss of facial expression. However some people did not worry about the warnings and applied Botox injections in the region, which cost huge amount of money. Due to cosmetic benefits of Botox, some insurance companies offer reimbursement for medical. Check your policy exclusions before starting treatment, if finances are a concern.