All about Schaumburg Botox Treatment

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Treatment with Schaumburg Botox is a non-surgical plastic surgery practice of treating in a very simple way the wrinkles also known as expression lines, without having to resort to the operating room.

Why do you Use Schaumburg Botox?

Botox is used by many people in order to get the skin of the face as smooth as possible resulting in a significant attenuation of wrinkles and rejuvenating the face so mainly in the upper half of the face.

On what Basis does the Schaumburg Botox?

Although the use of Schaumburg Botox may have numerous valences mainly as previously mentioned is used for treatment of wrinkles, which are created by the contraction of the muscles due to the normal expressions. The Botox substantially even if it is "bad" to say acts paralyzing the facial muscles thus avoiding the movement of the skin on them thereby reducing the lines already present and preventing the formation of other.

Areas of Application of Schaumburg Botox

Normally applies mainly in the forehead, eyebrows, around the eyes and mouth so correcting any imperfections and giving new beauty to the face in every detail. Usually the people who are turning to this type of treatment are adults who begin to accuse flaccidity of the skin.

How long does the Effect of Botox?

Unfortunately, however, the intervention to Botox is not final because the nerve muscle is not completely eliminated and returns to grow back after a period for which the frequency of the treatments suggested is around 6 months old, and then obviously time that varies from person to person.

How long before you See the Effects of Schaumburg Botox?

The obvious effects begin to show around the fourth day to achieve maximum visual evidence in ten.

How is the Treatment with Schaumburg Botox for Eyes and Lips?

The preparation before the treatment is very essential and aesthetic version you are running in a single session of about thirty minutes twenty minutes duration and the part is asleep with ice on the area to be treated. Once this is done you can proceed to the pre-Botox injections and that will be decided by the physician according to the situation of the subject. If you produced insufficient results in facial asymmetry or would result in a small correction with multiple infiltration.

The Botox Injections are Painful?

The infiltration of Botox are almost painless and it is important to remember that once completed the whole patient can you behave as if it were but 'remembering not to touch / squeeze absolutely the treated areas for at least four hours so that the product is injected could spread to other areas creating asymmetries piccome otherwise should be used for small corrections later. After the surgery can happen to accuse a slight headache and small hematomas usually disappear within a day.

Side Effects of Schaumburg Botox 

Even so, the Botox has some advisable limitations of which consider, the first is of course that the patient should not be allergic to botulinum toxin, it should be avoided for pregnant women since there are no studies help to show the treatment is safe as well as this has some effects and reactions such as allergic reactions, facial rigidity, nausea, and among the most important side effects which are facial paralysis and loss of eye lid that disappear within four or six months of treatment.